Bell 407, RoLin Products
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Bell 407, RoLin Products

RoLin Industries’ Windshield Buddy™ products protect rotorcraft against environmental elements such as rain and the sun’s heat and ray damage, as well as corrosion. The Portable Hangars, Windscreens, and Component Covers also provide helicopter protection from sand and stones as well as ice and snow that can become airborne when in close proximity to other aircraft that are taking off or landing.

Note: Other solid colors are available in addition to colors listed below.

Make: Bell

Model: 407, 407GX


Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
BEX407-TANExhaust Cover, TanRFQ for Availability
BF407-TFLIR Cover, TanIn Stock
BGDL-R407Left/Right Inside Door Shades, TanRFQ for Availability
BISK407Inside Shade KitIn Stock
BPHK407-CDPortable HangarRFQ for Availability
BWPK407Windshield CoverRFQ for Availability