Below is a visual comparison of the Bell 407 Analog cockpit (on the left) and the new, G1000 NXi Retrofit Kit (on the right).

Bell 407 G1000 NXi Retrofit Kit / Glass Cockpit

With a new Bell 407 G1000 NXi Retrofit Kit, converting original analog displays to a glass cockpit featuring the latest technology is a smart decision. 

You’ll gain uncompromising benefits including:

• Completely new avionics (Dual NAV/COMM/WAAS GPS, ADAHRS)

• G1000 NXi Integrated Flight Deck

• On glass engine instrumentation replacing Litton engine instruments

• Easier-to-read digital displays for reduced pilot fatigue

• Improved dependability, accuracy, and situational awareness

Bell 407 G1000 NXi Retrofit Kit (Bell 407 Aircraft SN53000-54299)

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