Posted on August 23, 2017

Policy Clarification

Aeronautical Accessories is a brand of Bell Helicopter, the global leader in design of high quality replacement parts and accessories for various OEM aircraft. Whether you are looking for upgrade options during an aircraft refurbishment, requesting a quote for a new accessory, or placing an AOG order, products in the Aeronautical Accessories Catalog have always been available for purchase to any customer regardless of the dollar volume for an order. You also do not have to be an aircraft owner/operator to purchase products from the Aeronautical Accessories catalog.

Questions or Ready to Order?

If you're interested in purchasing products from our catalog and want to learn more, give us a call! Our team includes:

Jennifer Lunceford

Jennifer Lunceford is the Manager of Aeronautical Accessories Brand Sales and is responsible for global sales.
Phone: (423) 391-3502 | Email:

Bret Finney

Bret Finney is the Business Development Representative for North America, Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East.
Phone: (423) 391-3038 | Email:

Casey Botts

Casey Botts is a newly appointed Business Development Sales Representative for Latin America and Europe. 
Phone: (423) 391-3808 | Email:

Bret and Casey’s primary responsibilities in these roles include facilitating new customer business and relaying the voice of the customer regarding product improvements and development.

Jack Moore

Jack Moore is a newly appointed Sales Support Representative. A previous Sales Intern, his responsibilities are to support Sales and Business Development activities worldwide.
Phone: (423) 391-3502 | Email:

Aircraft Belts Inc. Available

Aircraft Belts Inc. (ABI) products will now be distributed under the Aeronautical Accessories brand.  The replacement crew and passenger belts are approved for several models including Airbus H135, H145, H225, H125/130 and Leonardo A109/119. Restraint assemblies conform to FAA TSO C114 and include identification labels affixed to each portion of the assembly. The new belts are available to be viewed on and will be featured in the next Aeronautical Accessories product catalog. 

 Our catalog is constantly expanding thanks to feedback from customers. Make sure to follow Aeronautical Accessories on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new products and STCs.

Phone Support Contact Information AOG - 24/7 Support
Domestic: +1.800.251.7094 | International: +1.423.538.5151
After Hours AOG 24/7 Support: +1.817.357.0644
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