Bell 505, High Skid Gear
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Bell 505, High Skid Gear

Provides an additional 6.5" of height versus standard gear. Additional clearance for equipment installation and landing in various terrain. 

The Aeronautical Accessories High Skid Landing Gear for the Bell 505 aircraft has successfully completed an extensive Fatigue Testing program and has extended the fatigue life of the skid gear components. 

The High Gear Forward Crosstube Assembly has extended the life limit to 44,800 RIN which is an increase of 22,800 RIN over the Standard Gear FWD Crosstube Assembly. The High Gear AFT Crosstube Assembly has extended the life limit to 11,200 RIN which is an increase of 4,700 RIN over the Standard Gear AFT Crosstube Assembly. 

The life limits of the High Gear Skid Tube Assemblies have been extended to an Unlimited Fatigue Life which exceeds the life limit of 6500 RIN for the Standard Gear Skid Tube Assemblies. The Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (AA-17062) has been updated to reflect the new life limits.


Crew/Cabin Steps  505-712-001 or 505-712-003  are not included with High Gear and must be ordered separately. Applicable Crew/Cabin Step is determined if 505 is equipped with WSPS.

The following MECHANICAL or HYDRAULIC Ground Handling wheels will work on the 505 High Gear 505-710-001 by simply removing the carrier bracket and using just the wheels listed below:

BDW-505 (for Bell 505)
BDW-206LR (for Bell 206L, 505 High Gear)
BDW-B47 (for Bell 47)
BDW-500M (for Bell OH-58, MD 500, MD OH-6)
BDW-600M (for MD 600)
BDW-AT (for Eurocopter AS-350)
BDW-H12 (for HillerH-12)

Make: Bell

Model: 505

Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
505-710-001505 High Skid GearRFQ for Availability
602-041-101Skid Tube Assy L/HIn Stock
602-041-102Skid Tube Assy R/HIn Stock
602-043-101Fwd Crosstube AssemblyIn Stock
602-045-101Aft Crosstube AssemblyIn Stock
505-710-002High Skid Gear with Flitestep Install KitRFQ for Availability
505-705-001High Gear, Full Length Carbide Skid Shoe Install KitRFQ for Availability