Bell 505, High Skid Gear
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Bell 505, High Skid Gear

Provides an additional 6.5" of height versus standard gear. Additional clearance for equipment installation and landing in various terrain.

Note: 505-712-001 or 505-712-003 Crew/Cabin Steps are not included with High Gear and must be ordered separately. Applicable Crew/Cabin Step is determined if 505 is equipped with WSPS.

The following MECHANICAL or HYDRAULIC Ground Handling wheels will work on the 505 High Gear 505-710-001 by simply removing the carrier bracket and using just the wheels listed below:

BDW-505 (for Bell 505)
BDW-206LR (for Bell 206L, 505 High Gear)
BDW-B47 (for Bell 47)
BDW-500M (for Bell OH-58, MD 500, MD OH-6)
BDW-600M (for MD 600)
BDW-AT (for Eurocopter AS-350)
BDW-H12 (for HillerH-12)

Make: Bell

Model: 505

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