Bell 206B S/N 4311 and sub, Bell 206L-4 S/N 52081 and sub, HID™ Nightscanner®
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Bell 206B S/N 4311 and sub, Bell 206L-4 S/N 52081 and sub, HID™ Nightscanner®

Recognizing the need for brighter, longer lasting lighting that requires less amperage, Aeronautical Accessories now offers High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting. The new HID™ Nightscanner® lights offer all you can ask for in a light. They are up to 25% brighter, the bulbs last 40-80 times longer, and are powered at a fraction of the normal amps required for traditional lighting accessories. The new HID lights are compact in size and are available in two models: HID™ Nightscanner® and HID™ Nightscanner® Plus. The HID™ Nightscanner® has a candlepower of 500K. The HID™ Nightscanner® Plus has a candlepower of 700K. Both are available as new kits or can be used as direct replacements for the current Nightscanner® light unit.

206B S/N 4311 and Subsequent And S/N 3042 and Subsequent Equipped with Pop-Out Floats per Bell Service Instructions BHT -206-SI-123. 206L-4 S/N 52081 and Subsequent And S/N 52001 and Subsequent Equipped with Lightweight Emergency Flotation Kit per Bell Services Instructions BHT -206-SI-2046. Net Weight Increase - Less Than 9 lbs. U.S. Patent and others apply.

Make: Bell

Model: 206B,206L-4

Documentation: Nightscanner Comparison Flyer  (pdf)

New HID™ 
New HID™ 
Nightscanner® Plus
Super Nightscanner®LED Super™ 
Lamp Life (hours)25200010002550,000
Beam Width (degrees)13X149X99X9 ≥13X149X9

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206-805-500Bell 206B/ Bell TH-67 S/N 4311 and subsequent; Bell 206L-4 S/N 52081 and subsequent, HID Nightscanner®RFQ for Availability
HID™ Nightscanner® 480K Candlepower (Light Only)RFQ for Availability