Bell 407 HUMS
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Bell 407 HUMS

Bell 407 Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)
Maintenance Predictability, Low Cost, Lightweight, Next Generation Technology

Monitors engine performance and vibration of critical components.
Get early warning of potential maintenance problems.

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Note: The content disclosed in the attached webinar link is subject to change. Please consult with your Aeronautical Accessories salesperson for the most up-to-date information regarding the 407 HUMS product.

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GPMS Press Release 
Case Study - Operator Avoids Downtime with 407 HUMS

Aeronautical Accessories is the exclusive distributor for the GPMS Foresight MX Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) for the Bell 407.

GPMS Foresight

The 407 HUMS provides numerous tracking and monitoring benefits including:

  • Vibration monitoring of critical rotating components
  • Rotor track and balance
  • Flight data monitoring
  • Regime recognition
  • Engine performance monitoring

The new 407 HUMS is provided by Green Power Monitoring Systems (GPMS). Based on the company founders’ extensive knowledge, gained in the wind turbine industry, the Foresight MX prognostic system has been developed, tested, and is now available for commercial aviation platforms. The GPMS team is dedicated to condition monitoring and prognostic design/development.

The GPMS Foresight MX system features next generation sensors on data bus to reduce wiring and weight, and offers easy wireless download. The total weight of the 407 HUMS is less than 10 pounds.

Why HUMS for Bell 407?

The Foresight MX 407 HUMS off-board system features a GPMS-provided analysis server that is web-based and can be run on any internet browser accessible device. Bell MissionLink® allows viewing of Bell 407 HUMS data in the same system as Bell 429 and 412 HUMS/BHVM.

The annual subscription for the 407 HUMS provides:

  • 24/7 access to servers to monitor data (GPMS and Bell MissionLink®)
  • Software updates & maintenance
  • Award winning Bell product support with access to experts who can help analyze issues
  • Contact your Aeronautical Accessories sales representative for information related to annual subscription.

Health and usage monitoring provides the benefit of advance detection of potential maintenance issues and reduces costs:

  • Rotor track and balance (RTB)
    • Foresight MX reduces labor time and the number of maintenance test flights (MTF) from approximately 4 to an average of 1?
      • The current balance condition is generally recorded on every flight?
      • Improved logic and interface reduces errors
      • Also reduces labor time to install/remove RADS (or other carry-aboard RTB systems)
    • Also reduces labor time to install/remove RADS (or other carry-aboard RTB systems)

  • Mechanical Diagnostics/Prognostics
    • Foresight MX reduces labor time and the number of maintenance test flights (MTF) from approximately 4 to an average of 1?
    • Reduces the chance of chip detection or other issues that may require immediate grounding
    • Early detection reduces collateral damage to adjacent components
    • Foresight’s diagnostics/prognostics may provide up to 200 hours of notice regarding upcoming maintenance

From the field - Troy Snow, Duke Energy

"...saved a minimum of three flights versus my old way of doing things."

From founder and Chief Engineer of GPMS, Eric Bechhoefer, PhD

"The initial HUMS systems were designed for heavy aircraft and for operators that had staff dedicated to data interpretation. But today's systems are lightweight and designed so that the average maintainer can us them to solve everyday problems...In practice, this means we can identify individual components showing wear, see faults at an earlier stage, track their propagation and then layer in estimates of remaining useful life to simplify logistics planning and reduce unplanned aircraft downtime."

Note: Release date for the analog 407 HUMS Kit is currently TBD. 

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1Health and Usage Monitoring Systems
1001.020.001GPMS PHM Foresight MX Kit for Bell 407GX and 407GXP (S/N 54300 – 54800)RFQ for Availability
RFQ for Price
1001.020.002GPMS PHM Foresight MX Kit for Bell 407 (S/N 53001 – 54299)RFQ for Availability
RFQ for Price
1001.020.003GPMS PHM Foresight MX Kit for Bell 407GXI (S/N 54567, 54805 & Sub)RFQ for Availability
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2Hatbin Disconnect Kit
407-269-001Hatbin Disconnect - Allows the installation of a connections to the EUTD and OBCU so the RADS Tracker and Laptop can be hooked up for maintenance without removing the Hatbin.In Stock