Bell 407 Polycarbonate Windshield Replacement Kit
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Bell 407 Polycarbonate Windshield Replacement Kit

The Aeronautical Accessories Branded Polycarbonate Windshield replacement kit is superior in impact performance compared to normal acrylic windshields. Exclusive mounting system of composite edging, adhesives and fasteners provides increased flexing and performance. Patent pending.

Complete kit P/N 407-989-005 must be previously installed prior to installing L/H Only Kit (407-989-001) or R/H Only Kit (407-989-002), as these are replacement Polycarbonate windshields only.

The Aeronautical Accessories Branded Polycarbonate Windshields feature a revolutionary design that includes improved impact resistance. With more than 30 years of experience, it is recognized that affordability, ease of installation, on-time delivery and offering a wide selection are important to you. You’re also looking for increased performance, and the new Polycarbonate windshield is a revolutionary design that features improved impact resistance to meet your needs.

The Polycarbonate Windshields are optically correct, high visibility windows that feature different thickness points in different places. Products are held to exacting standards because it matters for safety and performance. The Aeronautical Accessories brand has a proven track record and remains a trusted supplier of windows to the rotor-craft industry.

Interior trim kits (407-989-060 and 407-989-070) to cover Polycarbonate window interior hardware are also available.

Now available: New 407 Single Side Polycarbonate Windshield options (see details below).

Make: Bell

Model: 407

Download Polycarbonate Brochure (pdf)


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Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
407-989-001Replacement Polycarbonate Windshield Kit L/H ClearRFQ for Availability
407-989-002Replacement Polycarbonate Windshield Kit R/H ClearRFQ for Availability
407-989-004Single Side Windshield Kit, L/H Acrylic, R/H Polycarbonate (Clear)RFQ for Availability
407-989-005Polycarbonate Windshield Kit (L/H and R/H) ClearRFQ for Availability
407-989-006Replacement Acrylic Windshield Kit L/H ClearRFQ for Availability
2Polycarbonate Interior Trim Kits
407-989-060407 Polycarbonate Interior Trim Kit (Linen Gray)In Stock
407-989-070407 Polycarbonate Interior Trim (Black)In Stock