Bell 407, Quick Mount Kit – Starburst SX-5
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Bell 407, Quick Mount Kit – Starburst SX-5

The Quick Mount Kits provide for installation of the Spectrolab, Inc. Nightsun SX-16 and Starburst SX-5 searchlights. The Nightsun Quick Mount Kit includes a redundant auto-stow centering feature with panel mounted position indicators. Installation and removal of the Nightsun or Starburst Searchlight for maintenance can be accomplished in less than five minutes once the kit has been initially installed. Kits include all necessary hardware, flight manual supplements and complete installation instructions.

Net Weight Increase - 6.75 lbs.

Make: Bell

Model: 407

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407-824-001Bell 407 w/High Skid Gear or Pop-Out Floats In Stock