Bell 407, WSPS™
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Bell 407, WSPS™

The WSPS™ Wire Strike Protection System™ provides a measure of protection for helicopters in the event of inadvertent flight into horizontally strung mechanical, electrical transmission, or communication wires or cables. The WSPS™ is designed to reduce the possibility of wires entering into the cockpit area, reduce the possibility of flight control damage during a wire strike, and decrease the possibility of wires becoming entangled in the landing gear. 

It is the original helicopter wire cutting system with over 20,000 kits delivered worldwide. In actual cases, this system was effective against multiple wire strikes. The typical WSPS™ consists of an upper cutter/deflector, a windshield deflector and lower cutter/deflector. Each cutter is equipped with high tensile steel cutting blades.

Technical Documentation

For the manufacturer's technical documentation, including installation instructions, please follow these directions:

- Click this Link

- Another browser tab will open. Scroll down and click on 'Installation and Kit Documents' tab.

- Enter your email address and click 'Accept' to access tech docs.

- Select the appropriate helicopter model to access your downloadable PDF documents.

Make: Bell

Model: 407

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