Bell 412, Preheat Systems
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Bell 412, Preheat Systems

Produced by Tanis Aircraft Products, the Heli-Preheat System for the Bell 412 reduces torque oscillation, thermal stress, spool-up and launch times while increasing reliability and safety of operations.

Preheat is applied through electrical resistance heat in the form of thin pads sized and shaped to fit various parts. This includes engines, engine reduction gearboxes, attached accessories, main & tail rotor gearboxes, battery, and oil/hydraulic tanks. Avionics are heated by a fan driven heater. Power is routed to elements through dedicated wiring assembly with circuit overload protection. Bell approved dual ground power door assembly is included. System is self-regulating. Heated components reach an average state of thermal equilibrium in approximately six hours. 

This preheat kit, when installed, will supply 1162-1237 watts with a 10.1-10.8 amp draw at 115 volts for main preheat system. Avionics heat (500 watts) on separate circuit can be used to power additional ground powered devices up to 800 watts (7 amps @ 115 volt).  
*Required Bonding sealant sold separately

Make: Bell

Model: 412

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TSHB412-3132-115Bell 212, 412, 412EP, 412CF Preheat System, 115VRFQ for Availability
TSHB412-3133-230Bell 212, 412, 412EP, 412CF Preheat System, 230VRFQ for Availability