Bell 429 Baggage Area Extender (Baggage Pallet Kit)
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Bell 429 Baggage Area Extender (Baggage Pallet Kit)


Make use of the empty space over the aft close out fairings in your Bell 429 with this Baggage Area Extender (Baggage Pallet Kit).



• The 429 Baggage pallet kit is a lightweight system mounted in the rear of the aircraft, over the lower aft faring.
• Increases the available cargo volume by 19 ft3 (.5 m3) and the cargo area by 15ft2 (1.4 m2).
• Pallet offers a 40 lb (18.1 kg) load capacity.
• Large footprint makes it particularly well suited to larger, soft and irregular shaped items such as backpacks, duffle bags, golf bags, and tarps/covers.
• Pallet is coated with a non-slip material and can be painted to match the aircraft interior if desired.
• Kit includes 6 tiedown rings for restraining the cargo placed on the pallet (straps not included).
• Kit acts as a barrier to help prevent items stowed in the standard cargo area from falling on the aircraft’s lower aft faring.
• The pallet itself is easily removable for maintenance on the aircraft.


• Weight: 9.6 lbs (Pallet only), 16 lbs installed
• 40 lb load limit

Make: Bell

Model: 429


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429-462-001429 Baggage Area Extender (Baggage Pallet Kit)