Bell 429 HEEL System
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Bell 429 HEEL System

The 429 Helicopter Emergency Egress Lighting (HEEL) System is designed to provide an independent, battery operated lighting system which clearly illuminates crew and/or passenger emergency exits whenever water immersion is detected, or at customer option, or when the aircraft experiences an excessive force of 8g or harder. The system consists of a number of electroluminescent lighting strips spaced around the passenger window interior of the sliding and passenger doors.

Kit is available with or without Inertia Sensor.

Make: Bell

Model: 429

Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
429-940-001Bell 429 HEELS Kit (Inertia Sensor not included)RFQ for Availability
429-940-002Bell 429 HEELS Kit (w/Inertia Sensor)In Stock