Bell 429, Preheat Systems
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Bell 429, Preheat Systems

Produced by Tanis Aircraft Products, the Heli-Preheat System reduces torque oscillation, thermal stress, spool up, and launch times while increasing reliability and safety of operations. Using electrical resistance heat pads mounted throughout the aircraft, the system provides Individual preheating to the engine, critical driveline components, fluids, battery, engine reduction gearboxes, main and tail rotor gearboxes, oil and hydraulic modules and attached accessories.

Two pre-heating systems are available for the Bell 429. A 115 Volt or 230 Volt. Each come complete with cabling kit, circuit protection, shore power door kit, tail boom bracket kit and bonding adhesive.

Please note: The Heli-Preheat System is only operated on the ground while connected to a ground based AC power source. 

Make: Bell

Model: 429 

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TSHB429-2584-115Bell 429 Preheat System, 115VRFQ for Availability
TSHB429-2584-230Bell 429 230 Volt Preheat SystemRFQ for Availability