Bell 505, Flitestep® Kits
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Bell 505, Flitestep® Kits

Bell 505 Full Length Flitestep

  • Available for standard low gear or high gear (see options below)
  • Extends from FWD to AFT Crosstube
  • Attaches using clamping method similar to existing designs
  • Extends to existing step to use as stair step type entry, if desired
  • Height is approx. halfway between ground floor and ground
  • Estimated weight: 22 lbs for both sides for standard low gear, 23 lbs for high gear.

Bell 505 Crew Step

  • Available for Bell 505's with or without WSPS installed (see options below)
  • Assists with entry and exit to cabin

Notes: 505-712-001 or 505-712-003 Crew/Cabin Steps can be installed with 505 Standard Gear or High Gear 505-710-001. However, Flitestep kits are not compatible with 505 float gear.

Make: Bell

Model: 505

Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
1Bell 505 Flitestep Kits
505-715-001Flitestep Installation Kit (High Gear)RFQ for Availability
505-715-002Flitestep Installation Kit (Standard Low Gear)In Stock
2Bell 505 Crew Steps
505-712-001Crew Step for use with Standard or High Skid Gear (Not compatible with WSPS installed)In Stock
505-712-003Crew Step for use with Standard or High Skid Gear with Wire Strike Protection System (WSPS)In Stock