Bell 505, Nightscanner™ HID /  HID+ Light
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Bell 505, Nightscanner™ HID / HID+ Light

The Nightscanner is a steerable landing light system that has 360-degree rotation and can be automatically stowed in its housing from any position. The Nightscanner searchlight/landing lights feature low cost and low power requirements (as little as 4 Amps). HID features 500K candlepower, while HID+ offers 700K candlepower

Make: Bell

Model: 505

Nightscanner® Plus
Lamp Life (hours)20001000
Beam Width (degrees)9X99X9


The HID™ Nightscanner® lights offer all you can ask for in a light. They are up to 25% brighter, the bulbs last 40–80 times longer and are powered at a fraction of the normal amps required for traditional lighting accessories. The new HID lights are compact in size. The HID Nightscanner is available as a new kit or can be used as direct replacements for the current Nightscanner lighting unit.


The HID™ Nightscanner® Plus offers the added benefit of even more brightness. At 700K Candlepower, it is 40% brighter than the HID Nightscanner with a bulb lamp life of 1000 hours. While remaining compact in size, the HID Nightscanner Plus is also available as a new lighting kit or can be used as a direct replacement for the Nightscanner light.

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1Bell 505, Nightscanner™ HID / HID+ Light
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