Bell 505, Public Safety Kits
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Bell 505, Public Safety Kits

Aeronautical Accessories offers a Bell 505 Public Safety Kit package to cater to your every day mission needs. Outfit your Bell 505 with this kit to enhance your own Airborne Public Safety unit. Whether staying on top of a car chase, orbiting over a crime scene, putting out fires from the sky, or medevac of critical patients, these kits easily integrate into your customization needs.

The Bell 505 Public Safety Kit includes the following:

  • 505-201-003 MX-10 Camera Provisions Kit
  • 505-201-005 MB12W Cockpit Display Kit
  • 505-201-007 Trakka TLX Searchlight Kit
  • 505-201-009 External PA System Kit
  • 505-201-011 PAC 45 Audio System Kit
  • 505-201-013 Center Console Kit
  • 505-201-015 Churchill ARS700 Map System Kit
  • 505-201-017 Mission Equipment Bus Kit
  • 505-218-001 Dzus Railing
  • 505-221-001 28V Lighting

Aside from purchasing the entire package, individual components from the 505 Public Safety Kit can be purchased separately. For pricing of individual components, please select the desired components below and submit an RFQ.

Product Notes: 

  • No FAA/PMA approval. End user will be responsible for obtaining local approval (MRA/337's)
  • Prerequisites may be required for provisions. Please contact your Aeronautical Accessories sales representative for additional information.

Make: Bell


Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
1Bell 505 Public Safety Kit Package
505-201-001Bell 505 Public Safety Kit (Package)RFQ for Availability
2Public Safety Kit Components
505-201-003MX-10 Camera Provisions KitRFQ for Availability
505-201-005MB12W Cockpit Display KitRFQ for Availability
505-201-007TRAKKA TLX Searchlight KitRFQ for Availability
505-201-009External PA System KitRFQ for Availability
505-201-011PAC 45 Audio System KitRFQ for Availability
505-201-013Center Console KitRFQ for Availability
505-201-015Churchill ARS700 Map System KitRFQ for Availability
505-201-017Mission Equipment Bus KitRFQ for Availability
505-218-001DZUS Rail Installation KitIn Stock
505-221-00128VDC Lighting Mod Electrical InstallationIn Stock