Bell 505, Towbars
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Bell 505, Towbars

Brackett's towing systems are designed for one-man operation and are simple to use. They don't interfere with equipment mounted under the helicopter and can be installed in three to five minutes. The caster wheel assembly can be used separate from the towbar if desired. The towbar can also be attached to most towing vehicles. Includes HT505 Towbar, plus Hitch.


  • 505 towbar is only compatible with standard gear. The 505 high gear will require the HT-7M towbar.
  • HT-7M does not com with any weights

Make: Bell

Model: 505

Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
1Standard Low Gear Towbars
505-701-001Low Gear Towbar 2” Ring HitchRFQ for Availability
505-701-003Low Gear Towbar 2” Ball Coupler HitchIn Stock
505-701-005Low Gear Towbar Assy ¾” Clevis HitchIn Stock
505-701-007Low Gear Towbar Assy 2” Shock Ring HitchIn Stock
2High Gear Towbars
HT-7MBHelicopter Towbar with a 2” Ball Coupler HitchIn Stock
HT-7MRHelicopter Towbar with a 2” Ring HitchIn Stock
HT-7MCHelicopter Towbar with a ¾” Clevis HitchRFQ for Availability
HT-7MSRHelicopter Towbar with a 2” Shock Ring HitchRFQ for Availability
3Pressure Pad
HT-500PPKPressure Pad Kit (Optional - for use on HT-7M and HT-500 series towbars)RFQ for Availability