Bell 505, Alpine Aerotech Bear Paw Kit
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Bell 505, Alpine Aerotech Bear Paw Kit

Alpine Aerotech has developed a revolutionary Bear Paw Kit, perfect for any Bell 505 Jet Ranger X operator. By dispersing the aircraft’s weight over a larger surface area, your pilot can confidently navigate safe landing on any soft or uneven terrain. The robust construction will retain its shape through continuous use.

Features & Benefits:

  • High grade, robust polymer construction enhances strength and abrasion resistance, ensuring the Bear Paws retain shape through continuous use overtime
  • Reinforced “Ribs” which drastically reduce the “taco” effect
  • Includes high-strength grippers which can be used, or removed at the operators discretion
  • Innovative, corrosion resistant clamping system enhances overall safety, and greatly reduces total installation time
  • Compatible with 505 Standard and High Gear
  • Optimal surface area which avoids slope landing conditions
  • Installation is safe and quick
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Replacement parts available upon inquiry.


  • Weight: 17.02lbs - 17.99lbs
  • Balance: Long. Arm 184.232 - 184.848 STA; Lat. Arm 0 LBL
  • Install Time: 1.5 Hours

Make: Bell

Model: 505

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