Eurocopter EC120, Carbide Skid Shoes
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Eurocopter EC120, Carbide Skid Shoes

Carbide Technology Skid Shoes use a patented process to rework your standard skid shoes into long lasting, extremely durable Carbide skid shoes. Carbide Technology provides a much higher degree of protection for skid shoes to reduce wear and operating costs. 


Make: Eurocopter

Model: EC120


The below P/N’s and prices are for a single shoe. If a complete ship set is required, you’ll need: Forward Right Shoe = 1 each / Foward Left Shoe = 1 each / Aft Right Shoe = 1 / Aft Left Shoe = 1 each

No FAA approval. The end user will be responsible for obtaining local field approval. CofC can be provided upon request. 

Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
EC120-2000-12-RPForward Shoe, R/HRFQ for Availability
EC120-2000-13-RPForward Shoe, L/HRFQ for Availability
EC120-2000-14-RPAft Shoe, R/HIn Stock
EC120-2000-15-RPAft Shoe, L/HIn Stock