HurleyIR Falcon Spectral II Thermal Imaging System
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HurleyIR Falcon Spectral II Thermal Imaging System

The Falcon Spectral II aerial gimbal by HurleyIR was designed to fill a need customers have been requesting for years - a rugged, high-technology security camera with a low price range. The Falcon Spectral II fully gyro-stabilized high-definition thermal and visual aerial gimbal provides the means to put more eyes in the sky for less money. The system is the most rugged aerial gimbal available on the market.

The Falcon’s secret is the hybrid sensors that don’t require routine maintenance, providing years of service without down time. Almost all gimbal cameras on the market require factory scheduled maintenance every year. This includes removing the camera from the aircraft, sending it back to the manufacturer and waiting weeks or months for the camera to be returned. The HurleyIR Falcon does not require any routine maintenance other than minor cleaning. The Falcon II will cost up to $100,000 less than other cameras over the lifetime of the product, and it has a lower initial purchase point as well.

HurleyIR focuses on integrating leading edge technology into its hardware and software. The Falcon Spectral II features highly sophisticated software as a standard in its system including smart tracking (fixed on a single target), full-screen tracking (multiple moving targets in a scene), scene tracking (remaining fixed on a scene), target outline mode, instant camera startup, IR with ability to see through high ambient temperatures, and a visual camera capable of cutting through fog and lower visibility situations. The Falcon’s unique high speed gyro stabilized gimbal motors offer a design that allows the user to modify the sensors as technology advances while keeping the original Falcon gimbal system.

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Falcon Spectral Series are gyro stabilized multi sensor gimbals designed to work on many platforms and applications. The spectral diversity of its sensors, discrete controls, and automated detection system make it adaptable to many applications.

Some of those applications are as follows:

• Day and night search and rescue
• Situational awareness
• Pursue and track
• Day and night surveillance
• Track and designate
• Monitor vast areas for motion
• Locate false chambers in large vehicles
• Forest fire detection and monitoring
• Detect invisible gas leaks
• Locate power line defects

While these are some of the applications of the standard Falcon Spectral 2, there are many others. The Falcon Spectral 2 can spectrally adapt to the users applications. *RTCA DO-160G


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