Bell 505, Solar Advantage Windows
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Bell 505, Solar Advantage Windows

Pilot and passenger protection and comfort is a priority for Bell. Solar Advantage, Aeronautical Accessories branded windows that utilize a new, innovative acrylic are available for Bell 505 aircraft.

Benefits of the Solar Advantage windows for crew and passengers:

  • Blocks 99.99% of UV Rays
  • UV Blocking up to 400 nanometers
  • Reduces infrared radiation
  • Approximately 10% reduction in temperature
  • Reduces fading of interior fabric and weathering of components
  • Features all the benefits of traditional windows including clarity, durability, ease of removal and replacement

The new Solar Advantage product still features all the same benefits of the traditional Aeronautical Accessories branded windows for the Bell 505, including clarity, durability, ease of removal and replacement. All Replacement Windows and Special Use Windows are fabricated using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, from high-quality acrylic and are FAA/STC approved.

Solar Advantage Graphs

Make: Bell

Model: 505

Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
1Crew Windows
505-542-021Solar Advantage, Crew Window, Light Gray, L/H (no slider)In Stock
505-542-022Solar Advantage, Crew Window, Light Gray, R/H (no slider)In Stock
2Passenger Windows
505-543-025Solar Advantage, Clamshell Door Window, Dark GrayIn Stock
505-543-026Solar Advantage, Fixed Passenger Window, Dark GrayIn Stock
505-543-021Solar Advantage, Clamshell Door Window, Light GrayIn Stock
505-543-022Solar Advantage, Fixed Passenger Window, Light GrayIn Stock
3Windshields & Windshield Accessories
SLS-706-014-003Solar Advantage Windscreen KitRFQ for Availability