Bell 206L Series, 505 High Gear Ground Handling Wheels
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Bell 206L Series, 505 High Gear Ground Handling Wheels

Ground Handling Wheels are designed to make the repositioning of grounded aircraft a much easier task. The dual wheels reduce twisting and strain on the skid tubes, as well as providing equal pressure on both sides of the skid tube when raising and lowering the helicopter. Ground Handling Wheels are available in Hydraulic and Mechanical models for a wide variety of aircraft and are also available as lightweight, carry along wheels for emergency situations when away from home base.

Make: Bell

Model: 206L,206L-1,206L-3,206L-4

Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
BDW-206LFBell 206L Pan Floats - Mechanical (Set) RFQ for Availability
BDW-206LRBell 206L, 505 High Gear Mechanical (Set) In Stock
BDW-206LRHBell 206L, 407, 505 High Gear Hydraulic (Set)In Stock
BDW-Bell-2ABell 206L, 407, 427 and OH-58D (3” Skid Tube – max. 9,300 gross weight and 3” lift)In Stock
W-CLR-00Wheel Carrier for BDW-206LR, BDW-206LRH (Two required for a set)In Stock