Bell 212, BHVM Kit
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Bell 212, BHVM Kit

The Bell Helicopter Vibration Monitor (BHVM) Kit and Altair Engine Trend Monitor System provide drive train health and engine monitoring to improve aircraft serviceability and maintainability between regularly scheduled inspections and overhaul periods. A control head located in the pedestal provides the primary flight crew interface to the BHVM. A pedestal mounted USB port allows the flight crew to transfer data between the aircraft and a PC-based ground support station. An Ethernet connection provides means for maintenance personnel to connect to the ground support station. BHVM diagnostics facilitate vibration-related maintenance functions such as main rotor track and balance, tail rotor balancing, main input drive shaft balancing and tuning of the instrument panel Frahm absorber. Enhanced vibration diagnostics allow maintenance personnel to detect faults within the main rotor system, tail rotor drive system, engine accessory gearbox and combining gearbox. Built in test features simplify system troubleshooting.

Make: Bell

Model: 212

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212-262-002Bell 212 BHVM Kit w/ Altair Smart CycleRFQ for Availability
212-262-001Bell 212 (BHVM) Basic KitRFQ for Availability