Bell 412EPI, Enhanced Hover Hold (EHH)
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Bell 412EPI, Enhanced Hover Hold (EHH)

The Aeronautical Accessories EHH kit adds new features to expand the capabilities of the 412EPI, 4-axis autopilot system. These features are new modes to the existing autopilot system which permits the aircraft to approach and descend to a hover site, maintain a controlled hover, climb out of a hover site, and conduct mark-on-target (MOT) maneuvers. The integration of new sensors also increases aircraft position control during automated hover.

The Enhanced Hover Hold Kit contains:

  • Second Radar Altimeter
  • Ground Velocity Sensor
  • Flight Director Mode Select (FDMS) Panels
  • 5-position cyclic beep switch
  • Radar Altimeter Annunciators
  • Router/Filter with Configuration Plug

Installation Prerequisites 

The following prerequisites are required before installing the Enhanced Hover Hold STC Kit:

  • 4-axis AFCS w/ GTN-750 configuration (412EP w/ BHTI STC SR09600RC 412-510-005 or 412EP SN 37002 thru 37999 412-705-042).
  • GTN-750 main software version 6.11 (P/N 006-B1026-43) or later approved version.
  • ADIU 412-074-011-107 (ADIU OFP software P/N 412-770-013-107 version 3.0 or later approved version) and 412-374-007-105 (DU CPU software P/N 0666-0278, version 3.0 or later approved version).
  • GTN 7XX enablement card 010-00878-03 (installer provided).
  • Compliance with BHTI ASB 412-15-169 for LCR 100 Attitude Heading Reference Unit (AHRU).

Make: Bell

Model: 412EPI

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