Bell 412EP, CV/FDR
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Bell 412EP, CV/FDR

The Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorder (CV/FDR) is an "on-condition," line-replaceable unit that simultaneously records both cockpit voice and flight data. This CV/FDR is capable of recording a minimum of 25 hours of flight data and two hours of audio. Audio inputs are provided from four separate channels. The CVR simultaneously records all four channels, converts the audio into a digital format and stores the data in solid-state memory. Flight data is recorded in flash memory and segregated from the cockpit voice data. Flight data may be downloaded to ground station equipment in approximately five minutes. A ground support equipment interface connector is provided and easily accessible. A pedestal-mounted cockpit control unit enables bulk erasure of the CVDR audio data. The recorder is JAR-OPS 3 approved.

Installation requires additional specialized test equipment (which is NOT included in this kit) in order to comply with the installation requirements. This equipment can either be purchased or leased. Contact an Aeronautical Accessories Brand Sales Representative for details.

Make: Bell

Model: 412EP

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