Bell 429, Automatic Door Openers
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Bell 429, Automatic Door Openers

Automatic Door Openers open cockpit, cabin and baggage doors automatically when the door latches are released. The sturdy gas cylinders are equipped with an exclusive feature that controls the rate of opening and prevents doors from traveling past normal open positions. The door openers provide easy entrance and exit of crew and passengers and help prevent damage to doors and airframe from rotor wash or sudden wind gusts. The Baggage Door Opener holds the baggage door open to facilitate loading and unloading of luggage or cargo. Automatic Door Openers are available for individual doors or in 4-door and 5-door kits.

*If a faster opening rate is desired for the Passenger Doors, gas cylinders without a damper (429-514-105) may be ordered.

Baggage Door Locking Hinge (429-003-901DEC) that holds baggage door in Open position is approved under STC SR04210AT.

Make: Bell

Model: 429

Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
429-510-001Two-Door Crew KitIn Stock
429-510-002Two-Door Passenger KitIn Stock
429-510-003Crew Door Opener Kit, L/HIn Stock
429-510-004Crew Door Opener Kit, R/HRFQ for Availability
429-510-005Passenger Door Opener Kit, L/HIn Stock
429-510-006Passenger Door Opener Kit, R/HIn Stock
429-514-109Crew ADO Gas Cylinder AssyIn Stock
429-514-111Passenger ADO Gas Cylinder AssyIn Stock
429-514-105Passenger ADO Gas Cylinder Assy (No Damper)In Stock
Baggage Door Locking Hinge (Holds baggage door in Open position) In Stock
RFQ for Price
429-516-001Bell 429 Baggage Door OpenerRFQ for Availability
429-514-113Passenger Door Heavy Duty Gas Cylinder Assy In Stock