Bell 429 Aft Blade Fold Kit
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Bell 429 Aft Blade Fold Kit

The Aft Blade Fold Kit for the Bell 429 permits operators to rotate the main rotor blades aftward into a four-blade aft configuration, staying within the width of the fuselage and tailboom profile. This configuration allows the aircraft to be stored in more compact locations, such as yachts, hangars or containers, that would typically require the blades to be removed from the aircraft. The kit includes a support with straps to secure the blades, guards to place on the trailing edge of the rotor blade to prevent damage during storage and a support tool to aid in the movement of the blades. The entire operation takes two personnel, approximately 10 minutes to fold the blades for stowage or to rotate the blades back into a flyable condition.

Note: Paravion Technology Inc., Blade Fold Provisions, P/N 429BF-100-1 must be installed prior to the installation of Aeronautical Accessories (429-271-001) Bell 429 AFT Blade Fold Kit.

Make: Bell

Model: 429

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