Bell 429, HUMS Kit
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Bell 429, HUMS Kit

The HUMS Kit provides the Bell Model 429 Helicopter a comprehensive airframe, rotor, engine and drive system vibration monitoring capability, and aircraft data recording supports customer flight data monitoring (FDM) programs. The HUMS Kit is designed to conduct routine vibration management functions, with no changes required in the mandatory maintenance functions of the BHT 429 Maintenance Manual. The system utilizes its vibration monitoring capability to make discretionary rotor and balance adjustments. No pilot interface is required during flight operations. Data downloads are manually commanded by pressing the LED array switch located on the PBA panel in the center pedestal.

Download 429 HUMS Kit Brochure (pdf)

*429-327-001 Kit is for Tracking and Balancing the Bell 429 with Aeronautical Accessories branded 429 HUMS Kit STC SR09536RC-D installed.


Make: Bell

Model: 429

Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
429-260-001Bell 429 HUMS KitRFQ for Availability
429-327-001429 HUMS Blade Tracker and Bracket Kit*RFQ for Availability