Bell 429, Skid Gear/Components, Replacement
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Bell 429, Skid Gear/Components, Replacement

Replacement Skid Gear/Components for the Bell 429 provide state-of-the-art corrosion protection and arrive painted white, ready to install.

Note: 429-710-003 gear ships disassembled


Make: Bell

Model: 429

Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
429-700-101Skid Tube Assembly, L/HIn Stock
429-700-102Skid Tube Assembly, R/HIn Stock
429-712-101Forward Crosstube AssemblyIn Stock
429-723-108Aft Crosstube Assembly In Stock
429-301-125BushingIn Stock
429-301-106Crew Step Assembly, R/HIn Stock
429-301-107Crew Step Assembly, L/HIn Stock
429-301-103Maintenance Step, L/HRFQ for Availability
429-301-104Maintenance Step, R/HRFQ for Availability
429-734-101End PlugRFQ for Availability
429-709-101Skid Shoe, FwdIn Stock
429-732-105Skid Shoe, Mid AftIn Stock
429-732-103Skid Shoe, MidIn Stock
429-732-107Skid Shoe, AftIn Stock
429-710-003Standard Skid Gear KitRFQ for Availability