Bell 429 Special Ops Platform
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Bell 429 Special Ops Platform

The Special Ops Platform/Step is a lightweight, all aluminum step construction that includes all mounting hardware. The step is a machined platform to provide long lasting anti-slip improvement and improve mission capabilities and safety for special ops.

The platform assists crews that use hoists, fast rope, or rappelling kits by providing a large, stable step. The product can be installed on one or both sides of the aircraft and is available with a customized skid tube hoist guard for right-hand installations. Each platform supports up to 300 lbs of total weight.

  • Quick, easy installation with minimal downtime
  • Safe, flat platform improvement for crew compared to standing on round skid gear while operating equipment
  • Anti-skid surface provides “teeth” for more secure footing
  • Customized skid tube hoist guard available that provides gear protection from hoist cable damage

Make: Bell

Model: 429

Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
429-304-001Bell 429 Special Ops Platform/Step L/HRFQ for Availability
429-304-002Bell 429 Special Ops Platform/Step R/HRFQ for Availability
429-304-004Bell 429 Special Ops Platform/Step R/H with Hoist Cable GuardRFQ for Availability