Bell 505, Ground Handling Wheels
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Bell 505, Ground Handling Wheels

Ground Handling Wheels are designed to make the re-positioning of grounded aircraft a much easier task. The dual wheels reduce twisting and strain on the skid tubes, as well as providing equal pressure on both sides of the skid tube when raising and lowering the helicopter. Ground Handling Wheels are available in Hydraulic and Mechanical models for a wide variety of aircraft and are also available as lightweight, carry along wheels for emergency situations when away from home base.

The following MECHANICAL or HYDRAULIC Ground Handling wheels will work on the 505 High Gear 505-710-001 by simply removing the carrier bracket and using just the wheels listed below:

BDW-505 (for Bell 505)
BDW-206LR (for Bell 206L, 505 High Gear)
BDW-B47 (for Bell 47)
BDW-500M (for Bell OH-58, MD 500, MD OH-6)
BDW-600M (for MD 600)
BDW-AT (for Eurocopter AS-350)
BDW-H12 (for HillerH-12)

The 505 ground handling wheel carrier bracket is only required when a customer has the standard 505 gear installed.


Make: Bell

Model: 505

Item             DescriptionDetailsAvailabilityPriceQuantity
BDW-505Bell 505 Rear Ground Wheels (set) (Built to be solely used on the Bell 505 Standard Gear. Not for use with High Gear). Can be used as a standalone and does not require 505 Ground Handling Wheel Adapter (505-700-101)In Stock
505-700-101Bell 505 Ground Handling Wheel Adapter (required to adapt BAC Universal Ground Handling Wheels to work with Bell 505 Landing Gear) - Two 505 -700-101 Wheel Adapters required per ship setIn Stock