Bell TH-67, FLIR/Video Monitor Mount
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Bell TH-67, FLIR/Video Monitor Mount

The FLIR/Video Monitor Mount provides an excellent viewing station for video monitors and thermal imager monitors. The FLIR/Video Monitor Mount is adjustable to provide the observer the optimum viewing angle while operating the system. Constructed of lightweight, anodized aluminum, the FLIR/Video Monitor Mount is easily installed using existing hard points in the copilot station of JetRanger and LongRanger helicopters. The MD Helicopter installation attaches to the floor structure with reinforcing mounting brackets provided. Used in combination with the Thermal Imager/Camera Quick Mount Kit, the FLIR/Video Monitor Mount provides a complete and versatile system installation.

Net Weight Increase - 4.1 lbs.

Make: Bell

Model: 206A,206B,206L,206L-1,206L-3,206L-4

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