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Windows, Replacement, Airbus AS350/H125, AS355 Series

The Aeronautical Accessories brand offers a complete line of windows for Airbus AS350/H125, AS355 Series helicopters. All Replacement Windows and Special Use Windows are fabricated using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, from high-quality acrylic and are FAA/STC approved. Replacement window options for the Airbus AS350/H125, AS355 include both traditional top-grade acrylic windows and Solar Advantage windows. 

Aeronautical Accessories Solar Advantage windows utilize an innovative acrylic with the following benefits:

  • Block 99.99% of UV rays
  • UV blocking up to 400 nanometers
  • Reduces infrared radiation
  • Approximately 10% reduction in temperature
  • Reduces fading of interior fabric and weathering of components
  • Features all the benefits of traditional windows including clarity, durability, ease of removal and replacement